MDG Boston: Game Changing Developments in Augmented and Virtual Reality





Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology has grown by leaps and bounds since its wide-spread introduction in 2015. While this technology has many entertainment applications, the potential for innovations in patient care, recovery, and surgery is an exciting prospect. Join eComp at the Medical Development Show on October 4th 2017 as we explore the benefits, limitations and capabilities of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality technology. Industry experts are on hand with try-out stations to show just how Augmented/Virtual Reality is poised to change the face of the medical industry from patient care to clinical applications.

eComp will be at the forum representing asicNorth, Monzite and Eaton Power Solutions. asicNorth is a privately held corporation committed to producing the very best VLSI Design Services and silicon solutions, with a focus on their Internet of Things development ecosystem for custom devices. Monzite is an innovative design house that builds subcomponents for a range of applications, including sensors, imaging and microbolometer products for the scientific and medical market. We are also available to discuss a variety of Eaton power management solutions in order to secure always-on power for essential electrical systems and data services to maximize patient safety and comfort.

MDG Forum: Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

eComp - MDG - Canvys - EatonasicNorth

In recent years, the prevalence of brain and spinal cord injuries in athletes, both amateur and professional, has highlighted the need to understand the causes and consequences of these injuries. Join eComp and the Medical Development Group on September 13th at Regis College for an extended forum exploring recent insights into these injuries. With a panel of experts instrumental in defining and relieving the consequences of these devastating injuries, the forum will discuss methods for industry response in a way that returns hope to patients and their families.

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