Sharp PG-D2510X Projector

Sharp PG-D2510X ProjectorThe Sharp PG-D2510X Projector offers exceptionally high performance and connectivity at a very affordable price. Designed for school and business use, the PG-D2510X utilizes the latest BrilliantColor™ DLP® technology with DLP Link™ (for high quality 3D projection from a single projector). Additional key features include 2500 lumens brightness, 7 Watt audio system, built-in closed caption decoder and sealed DLP chip with filter-free design. Built in an ISO 14001 certified factory, with standby power consumption as low as 0.32W and estimated lamp life of up to 5,000 hours (Eco+Quiet: On), this slim and lightweight RoHS compatible projector is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Sharp Professional DisplaysSharp PG-D2510X Projector Features

  • 3D-Ready – Make sure your projector is ready for use with new 3D content. Incorporating DLP Link technology, when used with compatible 3D field sequential content and active shutter 3D glasses (not included) that support the DLP Link system, the PG-D2510X captivates audiences with breathtaking 3D imagery. The PG-D2510X offers 3D support with both 60 Hz and 120 Hz XGA (1024 x 768) and SVGA (800 x 600) sources. (When not being used for 3D projection, these models offer full compatibility with traditional “2D” content.)
  • High Brightness and Contrast – 2500 Lumens with 1100:1 Contrast Ratio.
  • High Output 7 Watt Sound System – Variable Audio Line-Out (“VAO”) is also provided to use the projector with an external sound system or powered loudspeakers.
  • Brilliant Color DLP Technology and Six-Segment Color Wheel – for superior color accuracy with more realistic image reproduction.
  • Wide Complement of Input/Output Terminals – Inputs include RGB/Component Video, another RGB/Component Video port selectable for use either as a second input or loop-through output, S-Video, Composite Video two Stereo Audio Inputs and Stereo Variable Audio Line Output. Outputs. Control and communications terminals include USB and RS-232C.
  • Free Downloadable Sharp Display Manager™ Software – for multiple projector management and monitoring for theft prevention.
  • Sealed DLP Chip, Filter-Free Design – for lower maintenance and operating costs.
  • “Quick Start” On-Screen Setup Guide; Built-in Closed Caption Decoder
  • Built-in Closed Caption Decoder – with black and white text for easy readability.
  • Wall Color Screen Adjustment Function – for use with whiteboards and blackboards.
  • Presentation Assist Functions – (by remote control) include page up/down, GUI (Graphic User Interface) pointer, spotlight and mouse control. Pointer offers a choice of five on-screen icons; Spotlight function highlights a box or row of information.
  • Unique Slide Lens Cover – helps protect lens from dust and provides an instant lens shutter. If the lens cover is kept closed for more than 30 minutes, the projector automatically turns off. This is a safety feature.
  • Slim, Compact and Lightweight – with a height of only 3.1″, weight of 6.2 lbs. and 12% reduced volume compared to our previous series.
  • Enhanced Anti-Theft Design – includes LAN monitor function, reinforced metal security bar, metal security plate (for use with ceiling bracket) and optional security cable kit (for use with ceiling bracket).
  • Shutter Door on Lamp Housing – helps keep glass confined in the event of lamp breakage.
  • Audio Pass-Through (standby audio out) – permits the audio output terminal to be used when the projector is in standby mode. (Projector must be set to Standby Audio-Out: On and Standby Mode: Quick Start.)

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