Power equipment isn’t immune to hacking. What’s your cyber defense strategy?

Cyber attackers will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding your weak spots. Build a cyber defense strategy that includes your power infrastructure and connected devices.
Eaton PowerWhen it comes to cybersecurity, safeguarding power equipment may not always rank top of mind. Yet with hackers relentlessly exploiting new devices in innovative ways, coupled with more employees working remotely than ever before, vulnerabilities are emerging that you may not have previously considered. Because infrastructure equipment is smarter and more interconnected than ever before, deploying an end-to-end cyber defense solution has become absolutely essential.
Eaton and eComp™ uniquely understand the severity of threats faced by today’s organizations and how to best protect yourself from cybersecurity attacks. We’ve developed an entire portfolio of products with ingrained measures to prevent intrusion and mitigate risks. While there are different ways to address both cyber and physical security in power equipment, our solutions work in harmony to provide resilient, layered protection that help keep your operations and personnel safe.

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