Join eComp & Monzite Corporation at iMAPS New England 50th Symposium & Expo

iMAPS New England 50th Symposium & Expo

Partnerships for Prototypes through Automated Production

When: May 07, 2024
Where: Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center
Adams Place, Boxborough, MA 01719

Monzite is a process-driven company with decades of engineering and manufacturing experience. eComp/Monzite partners with emerging companies to help design, build and test their concepts, while working with many engineers at larger companies who value our rapid response capabilities for outsourced design, prototyping and production.

Our in-house manufacturing capacity supports prototyping through low-volume runs of specialized components. We can take products into automated production of hundreds or thousands of units. We are expert at design for manufacturability (DFM), functional testing, environmental screening and documentation services.

eComp Monzite products

Design. Build. Test.

We work closely with customers to design and develop customized individual circuits, to multi-chip modules and board-level assemblies, our innovative approach can improve reliability, free up valuable board space, reduce PCB layer count, and reduce component & assembly costs.

We can modularize common circuits, or problem circuits, and put them in small, rugged and reproduceable packages.
The only thing we love more than a tough problem is working it through to a solution.

Tell us what you’re up against

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May 7th, 2024
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Are you prepared for Supply Disruptions in 2024?

Monzite Switch drivers are smaller, lighter, and more reliable than discrete solutions and are well suited for airborne applications or large radar arrays where size, performance, and reliability are critical.

Built for manufacturing is their specialty.

eComp is a certified small business, set-asides supplier for Industrial, Medical, Military and Aerospace companies such as Lockheed, General Dynamics, Collins Aerospace, Hologic, and the DLA for 24 years.

Case Study

NEBFM2023 – April 19 & 20, 2023 ¦ DCU Center – Worcester, MA

NEBFM2023 Conference Schedule – EATON & eComp Systems to Attend NEBFM – DCU Center – Worcester, MA
Northeast Buildings & Facilities Management Trade Show & Conference
Session 9 – 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM ● Eaton/eComp™ Power Management
Meet Ryan Dame, Eaton Software Engineer
“Booth 630”

Intelligent power management uncovers the most relevant data and backs real-time decision making. Through innovative thinking and processes, we apply the right balance of tools and services to solve power management challenges and ensure a safer, smarter and more efficient digital future.

Learning Objectives:
1. UPS Power products by Eaton
2. Power Management solutions
3. Remote access
4. Cyber Security

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Come visit us at “Booth 630” to discuss your Power Management needs…

Power equipment isn’t immune to hacking. What’s your cyber defense strategy?

Cyber attackers will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding your weak spots. Build a cyber defense strategy that includes your power infrastructure and connected devices.
Eaton PowerWhen it comes to cybersecurity, safeguarding power equipment may not always rank top of mind. Yet with hackers relentlessly exploiting new devices in innovative ways, coupled with more employees working remotely than ever before, vulnerabilities are emerging that you may not have previously considered. Because infrastructure equipment is smarter and more interconnected than ever before, deploying an end-to-end cyber defense solution has become absolutely essential.
Eaton and eComp™ uniquely understand the severity of threats faced by today’s organizations and how to best protect yourself from cybersecurity attacks. We’ve developed an entire portfolio of products with ingrained measures to prevent intrusion and mitigate risks. While there are different ways to address both cyber and physical security in power equipment, our solutions work in harmony to provide resilient, layered protection that help keep your operations and personnel safe.


NEBFM2023 – April 19 & 20, 2023 ¦ DCU Center – Worcester, MA
eComp to Attend The 17th Annual Northeast Buildings & Facilities Management Trade Show & Conference
Northeast Buildings & Facilities Management Trade Show & ConferenceNEBFM’s Expo Hall is filled with HUNDREDS of the latest and greatest products and services from leading companies and emerging suppliers. You have hands-on access to all the products and innovative technologies.
eComp is a Power Advantage partner with Eaton, and can provide Power Management Solutions and Unique Power Solutions for Individual Business needs.
Come visit us at “Booth 630” to discuss your Power Management needs…

MDG Boston FORUM – Dec. 4, 2019

MDG BostonDecember 4, 2019 – MDG Forum

Cutting Edge Advances
Auditory Device Therapies

LOCATION: Foley Hoag, Boston Seaport

What are the opportunities and advances in device therapies for hearing loss and otitis?
What are the unique development challenges of auditory device therapies?
What is the patient perspective?
How can translation be accelerated?

Join Us for this Vital Discussion
Exploring the New Opportunities to
Help People With This Underrated Disability

Click Here for Details and Registration.

MDG Boston FORUM Recap – Oct 30, 2019

MDG BostonCombination Products for Drug Delivery

What are the opportunities and advances in drug delivery?
What are the unique developmental challenges?
What are the opportunities for funding?

This panel was a mix of entrepreneurs, big pharma, and biotech developers. Entrepreneurs discussed strategies for funding and development issues specific to drug delivery products. Speakers from big pharma and biotech discussed challenges across the value chain of manufacturing and selling combination products globally.


Eaton Power Management products at the MDG Boston FORUM.


eComp’s Kevin McDonald talks about Eaton Power Management products.

MDG Boston FORUM Recap

MDG Boston

Rapid Diagnosis at Bedside or Remotely
The Next Big Medical Game Changer

What This Means for Clinicians, Patients, and Competitiveness in the Medical Device Market

Mobile digital diagnostic technologies enable the advancement of digital biomarkers through continuous measurement of biological and pathogenic processes or pharmacological responses that translate to informative and actionable clinical insights.

Rapid Diagnosis at Bedside or Remotely

eComp president Rich Nadeau talks about Eaton Power Management products.

The Next Big Medical Game Changer

Eaton Power Management products at the MDG Boston FORUM.

Visit eComp at the next New England Expo and Tech Forum Show & Conference on October 8th 2019 at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center. Click here for more info.

How to Get the Most Out of Your IT Space

The Truth About IT Rooms
Server rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each with their various benefits and drawbacks. While we can’t always choose where our IT server equipment will be placed, we can optimize the environment to ensure maximum system uptime. Some of the things to assess when looking to improve your IT room include:

• Security – Locks and alarms are good, defined procedures and monitoring are even better
• Training – Cross-train support personnel to increase knowledge base and reduce reliance on one person
• Nature calls – Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and blizzards all happen. Mother nature can be a nightmare, think ahead, anticipate, and have a power back-up strategy.
• Untangle – Proper IT rooms follow proper cabling and rigging guidelines. Save the spaghetti for lunch, not your IT room.
• More Power – Lack of adequate power protection leaves the business vulnerable to failure. Using a UPS for back-up and power conditioning adds needed protection.

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4 Steps to Improve Your Network Closet or IT Room

Improving your network closet or IT room
When it comes to building out IT rooms, closets, or something a little more substantial, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. The first major consideration is location. Pick rooms that are not in the basement, away from plumbing and easy to secure and cool. Successful upgrade or refresh projects are based on a sound strategy. Start by documenting your current environment’s power and space needs and take into consideration any upgrades or expansions. As you build out your network closet, mounting, installation and cable management options must be considered. And finally, it’s not about thinking about it or building it, it’s about running it. This guide will give you hints on how to get back to business quickly. Read on to learn more about steps you can take to improve your network closet or server room.

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