Nemonix Engineering – hardware enhancements, system refreshes for legacy systems

Nemonix EngineeringeComp offers a variety of hardware enhancements and system refereshes for legacy VAX and AlphaServer platforms designed and manufactured by Nemonix Engineering. Our product set includes NEW RZ/EZ disk drive replacements, NEW VT terminal replacements, VAX CPU and cache, memory expansion, Ultra Wide SCSI and 100Mb Ethernet enhancements for your VAX and Gigabit Ethernet for AlphaServers. Enhancements can be done in one step and normally without a change in your systems’ software or configuration, and without disrupting your users. Our products are self-maintainable and self-installable.

Solid State
Mechanical SCSI Drives
Solid State SCSI Drives
Custom SCSI Hard Disks
Hybrid SCSI Hard Disks
100 Mb Ethernet NIC
1 Gb Ethernet NIC Copper 2 to 6 Ports
1 Gb Ethernet NIC Fiber 2 to 4 Ports
SCSI Controller
SCSI/Ethernet Combo
CPU & Cache Upgrades
RAM Upgrades

Solving Server End of Life Instability
Why Technology Refresh is a better solution than Traditional Refurbish or Emulation

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