Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

Sealed Lead-Acid BatterieseComp offers Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries (SLA) in a variety of voltages, amperages, shapes and sizes. Rechargeable and maintenance free, SLAs power a wide range of equipment and devices. Interstate’s General Purpose, High Rate, Deep Cycle and Fire and Security lines are available in 2V to 48V and 2 to 100 AH so you can get the right battery for your need.

General Purpose Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

General Purpose Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries BatteriesDesigned for best balance: charge/discharge tolerance, capacity utilization and good depth of discharge (DOD). Interstate general purpose SLA batteries deliver optimized performance for a wide variety of backup and cycling applications.

• AGM design leads the industry
• VRLA technology eliminates over-pressurization and spills

– Electric gate systems
– Fire/security systems
– Garage doors
– Remote lighting

Deep Cycle SLA Batteries

Deep Cycle SLA BatteriesThis battery offers long life for deep discharge uses so it goes the distance when going full-throttle. Interstate deep cycle batteries deliver constant, long-lasting power performance for large, power-hungry applications.

• Long life sealed lead-acid batteries for deep discharge uses
• Depth of discharge should be between 50% and 80% and recharged as soon as possible

– Large, portable electrical devices
– Boat trolling motors
– Off-grid power systems where large amounts of storage are needed
– Solar/wind powered systems


High Rate SLA Batteries

High Rate SLA BatteriesInterstate high rate SLA batteries ensures unbeatable backup for non-stop operation for UPS float standby systems and heavy-duty servers. Superior plate-to-terminal connections mean critical power – fast. Let our experts help you find the perfect battery for optimal performance in all your applications.

• Used almost exclusively in backup or cranking systems
• Provide high percent of capacity in <1 hour
• More efficient connections between plates and terminals

– Heavy-duty searchers
– UPS float standby systems

Fire and Security SLA Batteries

Fire and Security BatteriesPower Patrol® by Interstate Batteries is a sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery designed specifically to optimize performance of fire and security systems.

– Professional grade designed maximum efficiency and long life in float charge devices
– AGM design leads the industry
– VRLA technology eliminates over-pressurization and spills
– Flexible mounting orientation
– Maintenance-free

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