Interstate Batteries

Interstate BatteriesIn 1952, Interstate Batteries began producing top-quality battery products for the automotive industry. Today they provide custom solutions in the motive and critical power industries and produces virtually all types of battery. eComp is proud to offer their superior battery products in the Boston area. Call 1-508-881-8399 or email us here.

Full line of Interstate Batteries

eComp offers the full line of Interstate Batteries:

Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries (SLA)
Alkaline Batteries for Commercial Use
Button/Coin Gell Batteries – Watch/Coin Cells, Hearing Aid Battery
Camera Batteries
Laptop Batteries, Laptop Chargers
Medical Batteries – Medical Equipment, Mobility/Wheelchairs
MP3 Player Batteries
Phone Batteries – Cellphones, PDAs, Cordless Phones
Power Tool Batteries
Radio and Scanner Batteries
Toy Batteries – Toys, RC Cars, Power Wheels
Boosters and Chargers

Green Power

Interstate Batteries collects and recycles lead-acid batteries so you don’t have to worry about the environmental hazard or illegal improper disposal.

Battery Services:

Analyzing, Conditioning And Rebuilding
An alternative to replacing expensive battery packs in your power tools and other devices

No matter the device, battery chemistry, capacity or configuration, we can provide a complete analysis to determine the condition and capacity of your battery. Often it’s more cost-efficient to rebuild the battery than to buy a new one.

Our rebuilding services include testing, cleaning, reassembling and resealing the battery and other components so your device runs like new. Our rebuilt batteries are guaranteed with a one-year warranty to have capacity equal to or higher than the OEM battery.

We also offer another alternative to buying a new battery – battery conditioning. We offer conditioning and analyzing services for rechargeable batteries to remove the “memory effect’ that occurs over time reducing the power capacity. Conditioning can extend battery life by restoring the battery back or close to its original capacity rating.

Custom Battery Design And Assembly
If you can’t find a battery to fit your specific power requirement, we can provide any portable power solution you could possibly need. We can create a custom battery to your exact specifications – no matter how large or complex. Custom battery pack design and engineering assistance is also available along with custom packaging.

We can help you choose the right battery type for your specific power need and will explain the best practices, along with maintenance tips, to help you get maximum power and long life from your custom batteries.