How to Get the Most Out of Your IT Space

The Truth About IT Rooms
Server rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each with their various benefits and drawbacks. While we can’t always choose where our IT server equipment will be placed, we can optimize the environment to ensure maximum system uptime. Some of the things to assess when looking to improve your IT room include:

• Security – Locks and alarms are good, defined procedures and monitoring are even better
• Training – Cross-train support personnel to increase knowledge base and reduce reliance on one person
• Nature calls – Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and blizzards all happen. Mother nature can be a nightmare, think ahead, anticipate, and have a power back-up strategy.
• Untangle – Proper IT rooms follow proper cabling and rigging guidelines. Save the spaghetti for lunch, not your IT room.
• More Power – Lack of adequate power protection leaves the business vulnerable to failure. Using a UPS for back-up and power conditioning adds needed protection.

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