Eaton Power Management provided by eComp

Why choose Eaton Power Management?

In an ideal world, you’d always have access to clean, consistent power. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. As the world becomes more connected, online and remotely managed, the need for reliable and consistent power becomes more important for both business and personal use.  Selecting the right power protection partner can seem like a daunting prospect. Thankfully, Eaton has nearly a century of expertise in power management. Eaton has refined their approach and commitment to providing the right power management solution to fit any need. Eaton Power Management provided by eComp can help you meet all your power management needs.

Partnership and Integration

Eaton’s approach to integration focuses on integrating into existing software platforms. By focusing on software platforms users are already familiar with, Eaton’s integration approach avoids lengthy learning curves. This provides faster access to data and eliminates the need to integrate brand new software that sees infrequent use.

eaton power management

Virtualization and Control

With Eaton’s Intelligent Power Management Software, customers enjoy an intuitive dashboard that integrates into VMware and Citrix hypervisors. Provided free of charge, Eaton’s IPM software allows an unlimited number of VM hosts or virtual machines. In the event of power disruption, remote shutdown and shutdown automation allow customers to avoid costly data loss.

Form and Function

Efficiency and optimization are paramount to Eaton’s design philosophy. Eaton’s battery management system uses sensing circuitry to optimize the life cycle of the battery and notify the user prior to failure. In addition, Eaton’s easy to understand and easy to read LED displays insure Eaton users stay informed during a prolonged power event.

Warranty and Support

Eaton is committed to the life-cycle support of their UPS products. All Eaton industry standard UPS models are supported by a three year warranty, which included the battery. Service and support teams have global reach and are available 24/7. Eaton also continuously invests in their personnel and supply chain, placing trained personnel and certified parts in key geographical locations for rapid response and infrastructure deployment.

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