eComp: Custom Computing Solutions

Stable, purpose-built systems with life-cycle support

eComp: Custom Computing SolutionsSystem implementation with integrated custom computing solutions can be overwhelming. From making sure all the software is compatible, to understanding the server environment and physical design, there are many critical details to observe. eComp can help you transform your design into a reliable, quality solution that meets your needs and provides stability and functionality.

eComp has been working in the legacy solutions business for close to two decades. We have a special interest and applicable experience in supporting change resistant markets like the military, aerospace, industrial and medical markets. Our unique perspective and history in the legacy market has allowed us to partner with like-minded and qualified partners to help bring long-lasting support specifically for these kinds of markets. In addition to this, eComp can help government buyers and contracting officers meet their small business sourcing mandates while providing them with expert service. Whether you have an initial design, a detailed build of materials or anything in between, we can help you meed your mandates and support your initiatives along the way.

Our approach to custom computing solutions

purpose-built-solutionsConsult: With our consultative sales approach, eComp understands your needs and helsp to design and deploy a purpose built solution tailored to you. By engaging ourselves in your goal and
your focus, we can use our expertise to define project scope and transform your challenge into an effective solution.

Test: The key to any implementation plan is making sure that the product performs to specifications. eComp has decades of experience in quality assurance testing and will use this knowledge to work with our supplier and design partners to ensure your purpose-built solution performs as required for the intended life-cycle.

custom-computing-solutionsDeploy: As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, eComp understands proactive commitment to quality and delivery. Long before the first shipment of your product our program partners ensure long term delivery and stability for your purpose-built solutions and components.

Support: Our commitment to quality of service doesn’t end once your build is finished. We also tailor a service plan in order to support the life-cycle of your product. Whether you require spares, hard-drive retention or other services, our purpose-built service plans are cost effective and comprehensive.

For an example of the kinds of custom builts eComp can build and offer, click here for information on our EC-1700 built specifically for a rugged environment for one of our government military customers.

For more information on eComp’s custom computing solutions with life-cycle support, or for more information about our solutions for change resistant markets, call 1-508-881-8399 or use our contact us page. Looking for a custom display solutions? eComp also provides custom display options for multiple markets and applications. For more information visit our Canvys page located here.