Canvys True Flat Displays: Custom Designs and OEM Solutions

What are True Flat Displays?

Canvys True Flat custom monitors offer a continuous anti-glare, anti-reflective glass surface ideal for multiple environments and applications that require long term availability. Without small nooks and crannies to collect debris, these displays facilitate easy cleaning and disinfection making them ideal for medical, industrial and retail applications. The displays also feature seamless integration of projective capacitive touch technology allowing for advanced touch functionality. eComp and Canvys understand that every customer application has specific needs to meet and that superior product reliability is of paramount importance. True Flat Displays offer multiple customization options for integration into your application. From slimmer designs, ruggedized housings and lighter building materials to All-In-One products ideal for surgical suites or operating rooms our team of consultative experts are here to help. Whether you need an off the shelf solution or a custom-engineered monitor, call eComp today and let us help you bring your vision to life with Canvys True Flat Displays.

Key Features of Canvys True Flat Displays

  • True Flat Design eliminates places for particle build-up for easy disinfection and cleaning
  • PCAP options allow for operation with bare fingers or latex gloves
  • Custom configurations and designs available
  • Ultra Slim housing design
  • Multiple Inputs: DVI-D, VGA, Display Port
  • Ideal for Medical Applications, Industry or Retail
  • Non-reflective glass front
  • High transparency
  • Gesture Recognition
  • LED Backlighting for enhanced contrast and lower energy consumption
  • Full HD in 21.5” and larger sizes
  • Medical Certifications available such as CE, EN60601-1-2 and UL60601
  • All in One versions available








Download the “Decision-making aids for selection of (modern, multitouch-capable) monitor solutions with touchscreen” PDF here.

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