Canvys Displays for Medical Environments

Comprehensive Support for a Custom Solution

Engineered solutions for medical OEMS require a deep understanding of the needs of those customers and their patients. Whether its ensuring compatibility to avoid system conflicts or maintaining long term display availability, eComp and Canvys have got you covered. Our expertise in development of custom displays will ensure that your tailored solution delivers long after its initial implementation. Even if a custom solution isn’t required, Canvys displays for medical environments have an innate design that works off the shelf. Your patients deserve the best and we want to help you discover the best solution possible. Our consultative sales team will work with you and Canvys engineers to improve efficiency and performance based on the needs of your environment.

Key Features of Canvys  Displays for Medical Environments

  • Flat, non-reflective glass surface is easy to clear and disinfect
  • PCAP options allow for operation with bare fingers or latex gloves
  • Full HD resolution*
  • Long term availability
  • Medical Certification: EN60601-1, CE, UL60601, FCC
  • Consistent design across available sizes (18.5″, 21.5″ and 24″)
  • Out of the box, off-the-shelf capabilities depending on application
  • Custom configurations and designs available
  • Slim housing design
  • Multiple inputs: DVI-D, VGA, Display Port
  • LED Backlighting for lower power consumption
  • LCD Display allows for multiple viewing angles
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