Canvys Display Solutions for Transportation

Get where you’re going with eComp and Canvys

From safety regulations to environmental requirements, display solutions for transportation require the most reliable, well-designed product in order to meet the strict guidelines of the industry. eComp and Canvys will streamline this process so you can be confident you have the highest quality materials with the most innovative technology in order to tackle this global market. With our expertise, we can deliver a wide range of display solutions for both public transportation and railway applications. Our product selection, based on experience, allows for final products that are application to any transportation environment. Call eComp today and let us help you get where you’re going quickly, safely and efficiently with Canvys Display Solutions for Transportation.

Key Features of Canvys Display Solutions for Transportation

  • Long-term availablity
  • Option touch-screen integration ensures scalability and longevity in designdisplay solutions for transportation
  • Special approvals: (E-mark, EN50155)
  • High Quality Industrial Grade components
  • Light-weight, slim and ruggedized aluminum industrial-grade housing
  • IP54 protection: splash proof, dust proof
  • Different configurations with integrated Atom or Intel Core i3/17 processors available (pc panel solution)
  • Easily replaceable protection shield

In-depth Application Features*

  • Vandal-proof case, robust model with rounded corners
  • Anti-vandal acrylic front protection shield
  • Sealed cases prevent dust and particle accumulationtransportation01
  • Anti-glare coated high bright panel for viewing in high ambient light
  • Wide range power supply with surge and burst protection to cope with ambient power spikes
  • E-mark, EN50155, R115 and EB45545 approvals on request
  • OSD is hidden in normal operating mode
  • Multiple I/O inputs DVI, VGA and video input
  • Lockable input and DC connectors
  • Full Approved to CE (UL and FCC on request

* see individual models for full detail or call 877-463-2667 today.

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