Canvys 4K2K Display: Your Key to Getting ‘The Big Picture’

Unparalleled Quality, Unrivaled Reliability

Sometimes referred to Ultra HD, 4K2K Display technology offers 4 times full HD along with enhanced color and higher values of contrast. Perfect for medical, industrial and military applications 4K2K monitors allow for higher quality imaging to help view the most critical details. In addition to precision and high-quality images, these displays allow for multi-modality in order to view more than one window on the screen. Depending on the screen size and input, up to eight windows from eight different sources can be displayed in one window, at 4K2K resolutions.

When partnering with eComp and Canvys Visual Technology Solutions, you receive:
  • Custom engineering, prototyping and consultation
  • Integration of touch and protective shielding
  • Access to various designs and housing options, open frame/chassis/rack mounted designs, rugged to slim and lightweight designs
  • Multiple controller solutions with a wide range of inputs
  • Commitment to quality includes in-depth testing and validation throughout the development process
Some of the key features of the 4K2K Display products include:4k2k display
  • 4K2K Display with Ultra HD Resolution 3840 X 2160 pixels
  • Availability in 23.8” – 84”
  • Backlight stabilization
  • TrueFlat Design on select models*
  • DICOM standard compliant
  • LED back light and lower power consumption on select models*
  • Touch screen integration with optional capacitive touch
  • Protective shield integration
  • High brightness/contract available on select models*
  • Multiple picture input from different sources
  • Customizable options including branding, boot logo

*see each selected model for a full list of features and capabilities

For full features on each product, please click the links the below or for a one on one conversation with one of our experts, call eComp today @ 1-877-463-2667 or email us using our convenient contact us page!

4K2K Display G-Line 23.8″
4K2K Display G-Line 27″
4K2K Display C-Line 31.5″
4K2K Display G-Line 55″
4K2K Display B-Line 55″
4K2K Display D-Line 58″
4K2K Display B-Line 65″
4K2K Display B-Line 84″