Alcatel-Lucent 5670 RAM

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Section Model # Model Description
Release 4.0 Software 3HE04263DA 5670 RAM R4.0 S/W Media Kit. Order this part number to receive : one copy of the 5670 RAM R4.0 on DVD. Note – the 5620 SAM 8.0 is a prerequisite.
Release 4.0 Variable Licenses 3HE04265DA 5670 RAM 4.0 Base Product – RESIDENTAL / MOBILE. Order this part number to receive the 5670 RAM Base Product for – RESIDENTAL / MOBILE, which includes: 5670 RAM aggregator, Reporting Server, base RAM Operator Positions bundle and license to run RAM Aggregator Database (Oracle) on a platform with 2 x dual core AMD or Intel Processors or 1 x quad core or 1 hex core AMD or Intel Processor.

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