Alcatel-Lucent: Voice, Data, Video and Wireless Solutions

Alcatel-LucenteComp can help you with the Alcatel-Lucent Voice, Data, Video, and Wireless solutions you need to create a seamless converged network. Our experience and application insight will give you the edge in acquiring the equipment you need in a competitive and demanding environment.

Application Fluency for a High-quality User Experience
Enabling unified access for converged enterprise networks

We offer a variety of network infrastructure solutions including:

Converged Network
Network Infrastructure
Data Center Switching
Data Center Virtualization
Data Center Fabric
Unified Access
Virtual Machine Management
Application Network
Application Converged Network
Remote Access
Wireless Network Access
Self Provisioning Network
Part Numbers:
OmniSwitch 10K
Omniswitch 6900
Omniswitch 6450
Omniswitch 6855
OmniAccess 6000
OmniAccess 4000
DualAccess DAW-AP105
Instant Access DAW-IAP93
Remote Access DAW-AP105
OmniAccess WAN 5510

Alcatel-Lucent Products/Services:

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