Intelligent Computer Network Solutions, Power Management & Custom Computing Solutions

eComp, Electronic Components, Inc.eComp is committed to meeting your demanding requirements for quality electronic products and service. Through a suite of network components/products, engineering resources, and services from legacy to NPI, we offer turnkey solutions, seamless procurement and “One Stop Shopping.” Whether you’re refurbishing legacy equipment or buying new, we create customer confidence through our experience and industry knowledge to provide you with the best Intelligent Computer Network Solutions, Power Management and Custom Computing Solutions available.
Eaton Power Systems
Power systems: surge protection, power distribution, replacement batteries, software, connectivity and remote monitoring.
Marathon Power Inc.
Uninterruptible power supplies with a focus on OEM, niche markets and other applications that require a specialized product.
Interstate Batteries
Interstate Batteries provides “Green Power” custom solutions in the motive and critical power industries. SLAs, alkaline and more.
Custom and OEM displays, touchscreen displays, open frame, large screen, metal case, panel, rack & chassis mount and more.
approved optics
100% compatible SFPs, Fiber Optic Transceivers with a lifetime warranty. Low-voltage fiber optic cabling, adapters, connectors, connectivity solutions and more.
KH Industries - portable lighting and temporary power solutions
Portable lighting/hazardous location lighting and temporary power for aerospace, fleet, construction, chemical, petroleum, marine, military and agricultural industries.
Component engineering and testing services, assembly systems, counterfeit mitigation and authentication, BOM Analysis, ISO9001:2008 Certified testing and more.
Sun Microsystems | Oracle | Intelligent Computer Network Solutions
Refurbished, Sun Servers, Sun Storage and Tape, Solaris, Java, MySQL, Engineered Systems, Desktops, Networking hardware, Intelligent Computer Network Solutions and more